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Best Single Player PCGames

best single player pc games

Instead of joining a multiplayer battle or logging into your favorite MMO, why don’t you sit down and experience a solo yet rewarding journey? Yes, we are talking about single player games. This kind is fun as always. It’s because

List of the best visual novels on PC

best visual novels 4

Clichés owns visual novels, but there are a lot of this genre rather than only steamy mundane or romance slices of Japanese students’ lives. Over the previous years, many talented developers are making experimental games, shorter novella-like experiences, and clever

Fallout 4 Covenant

fallout 4 covenant 2

Among detective-style quests in Fallout 4, Human Error is known as one of the most complicated ones. And to start this quest, The first and foremost thing is to visit the Covenant. What do you know anything about Fallout 4

Diablo 4: Rumor, the truth, and insiders’ perception

diablo 4

Recently, there are lots of rumor relating to the release date of the super classic game – Diablo 4. Lots of people say that this game will be released in 2018, lots of people say that Blizzard won’t release this

Dragon Age Origins Gifts

While playing Dragon Age Origins, every choice you decide will influence the relationship between you and your companions that you meet during the game. The rate in which they develop to trust you is called Approval Ratings. The higher they

Destiny 2 Cross Platform – Is It Possible?

destiny 2 cross platform

After only being available on the Xbox One and PS4, Destiny 2 is hitting PC. And that makes lots of players wonder “is Destiny 2 cross platform?” As you know, cross platform (or cross-platform play or cross-play) is a feature

On the Comms Destiny 2

destiny 2 on the comms

On the Comms Destiny 2 is described as an interesting item in the inventory when fighting back the assault of Cabal. It lands in the weapon slot. And in case you accept the quest, you will run through the game’s

Diablo 3 Leaderboards

diablo 3 leaderboards 1

Diablo 3 leaderboards are a feature coming to Patch 2.1, which was a primary content patch for Reaper of Souls. An Introduction of Diablo 3 Leaderboards Leaderboards are typically the UI display of the ladders that Blizzard is calling Seasons.

Destiny 2 Tower Secrets and How to Discover Them?

Destiny 2 Tower Secrets 2

While playing Destiny 2, you soon recognize Destiny 2 Tower Secrets are a lot and diverse. So, when you’re wandering around ledges, corridors and joining some main activities, it’s easy for you toharvest BIG rewards. The Floor is Lava, Tower

How to Unlock Nightfall Destiny 2?

how to unlock nightfall destiny 2-1

As a loyal fan of Destiny, particularly Destiny 2, you know some options to reach the end of the game for sure. Have you ever heard about Nightfall? How to unlock Nightfall Destiny 2? Is it a good way to