Diablo 3 PS4 Cheats and What You Should Know to Play Better

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Let’s go straight to the point!

Since you are here, we know you are playing Diablo 3 and wondering how to play this game better. Is it right?

So, allow us to show a complete guide ofDiablo 3 PS4 Cheats as well as other cheats for other systems like Xbox 360 and Xbox One! Look below to know now!

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Diablo 3 PS 4 Cheats

Duplicate items and gold

The best way to duplicate weapons and craft materials is to visit another player’s game or an available system link. Then drop the weapons and items you want to copy. Later, make sure not to leave the inventory and tap the PS button to enter the dashboard. Lastly, turn back to the game and get all the weapons and items that are duplicated on the ground.

How many items do you want? Just repeat this process as much as possible and then sell them for gold.

Save EXP gear

Although the EXP gear helps to cut your playtime a lot, you need to maintain upgrading your gearto get enough bonus EXP for your current level.

Remember that multiple sets of EXP gear in every level are necessary. But, you don’t need to have full sets since some might make a difference on your next character. Besides, if you don’t want to improve your shared stash or are running out of space, you also keep them by establishing some extra characters and passing the gear to save money.

After all, you need to improve the shared stash to prevent wasting time while moving the items between characters.

Get EXP and gold easily

If you want to get EXP and gold easily, you should set the difficulty to one level above the level you often play according to Diablo 3 PS4 Cheats. For instance, in case you often play at Torment 1, please choose Torment 2. When the game starts, pause and increase the difficulty level by one.

Next, when you are going to turn in a quest or finish a bounty, make sure to pause the game and choose the highest difficulty (two levels at least) to acquire the rewards of a higher difficulty without facing up to dangerous enemies.

Diablo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

The next thing that we want to mention isDiablo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats. If you prefer to use Xbox 360 to play, check it out now!

Perform all primal in a day

In the beginning, you should start with 2 accounts (asks your friend to play together) to permit the dupe cheat to acquire the ball rolling.

In case you want to duplicate one stack at a time, just send it to the other account via the mailbox. Try to perform this until you get 50k deaths breath, 250k reusable parts, 300k forgotten souls, and arcane dust. Besides, don’t forget to duplicate all imperial gems for captivating later.

Continue duplicating the 5 reward materials into the 20k range and gold. Next, enter the forge and make 10 rare items that you want. Finally, bring them to the cube and upgrade the item until the legendary gear appears.

Remove quest text from chat

It’s quite easy since you only open the “Sound” options and uncheck the “Show Quest Dialog in Chat” option that is placed at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Diablo 3 Xbox One Cheats

In case you’re using Xbox One to play, you should consult some Diablo 3 Xbox One Cheats below as well.

Get life potions

When reaching a place that offers you a life potion or chest, just take them, save and then quit the game. After resuming your saved game, the place you clicked on to acquire the previous potion will give you another one. If you find no chest, please quit this place instantly. Then resume and another chest will appear.

Depending on each different chest, you can find any items or gold or both.

Farm items, gold, and EXP

Join “The Legacy of Cain – Explore Cellar” quest in Act I and then take the waypoint to The Old Ruins and move towards the north, then the east. Continue going down the cellar to face up to Captain Daltyn and his minions. Try to defeat him for at least one magic item to get coins. After that, loot the cauldron for at least one health potion.

In Act III: 7 – Kill Azmondan, you need to kill Azmondan. Later, teleport back to the fortress after getting its soul and loot. Next, talk to the guard and speed through the dialog, enter the armory and the watchtower, continue running through the portal and kill Iskatu. Do as many as possible because you can get more items, gold as well as EXP.

Final thoughts

Above are basic Diablo 3 PS4 Cheatsand other cheats from Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Of course, there are more and more cheats that you can see or find by yourself while playing. Hence, if you have any new cheats, don’t mind sharing with us. We’re happy to see yours.