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How Many Acts in Diablo 3 and What You Should Know about Diablo 3 Emotes and Dyes

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Diablo 3 has been out on the PC version for some time. Even, it’s made it ways to PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

This game sees players knocking down many enemies in the hunt for spoils as well as saving the world. But, some players have been wondering exactly how many Acts in diablo 3. Additionally, they still mistake Diablo 3 emotes for Diablo 3 dyes.

Since you’re here, we will explain everything carefully so that you have a general view before starting.

diablo 3 emotes

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How many Acts in Diablo 3?

The beginning of Diablo 3 will be a star crashing into The Old Cathedral near New Tristram.

You first start playing the game by moving on a path that leads up to the New Tristram’s gate, which is destroyed by zombies. Then you need to defeat them and find Captain Rumford who lets you get through the town’s gate. After that, you’re directed to move towards Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn.

How many Acts in Diablo 3

If you want to know how many Acts in Diablo 3, this game features five Acts that you need to experience, including:

Act Area


Main Quests Side Quests Events
Act I The Old Cathedral The Fallen Star

The Legacy of Cain

A Shattered Crown

Reign of the Black King

Sword of the Stranger

The Broken Blade

The Doom in Wortham

Trailing the Coven

The Imprisoned Angel

Return to New Tristram

The Blacksmith’s Apprentice The Jar of Souls

The Matriarch’s Bones

Last Stand of the Ancients

Carrion Farm

Eternal War

Revenge of Gharbad

Act II Twin Seas, the Borderlands, and Caldeum (the capital city of the Empire of Kehjistan) Shadows in the Desert

The Road to Alcarnus

City of Blood

A Royal Audience

Unexpected Allies

Betrayer of the Horadrim

Blood and Sand

The Black Soulstone

The Scouring of Caldeum

Lords of Lie

No side quests Guardian Spirits

The Rygnar Idol

A Miner’s Gold

Lair of the Lacuni

The Restless Sands

Crumbling Vault

Prisoners of Kamyr

Shrine of Rakanshu

Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab

Act III Bastion’s Keep The Siege of Bastion’s Keep

Turning the Tide

The Breached Keep

Tremors in the Stone

Machines of War


Heart of Sin

No side quests Blood Ties

Forged in Battle

Waiting for Reinforcements


Blaze of Glory

Crazy Climber

Act IV High Heavens Fall of the High Heavens

The Light of Hope

Beneath the Spire

Prime Evil

No side quests No events
Act V Westmarch and Pandemonium Fortress The Fall of Westmarch

Souls of the Dead

The Harbinger

The Witch

The Pandemonium Gate

The Battlefields of Eternity

Breaching the Fortress

Angel of Death

No side quests The Rebellious Rabble

The Reformed Cultist

The Lost Patrol

The True Son of the Wolf

Hide and Seek

Out of the Fire

The Cursed Chamber

The Cursed Realm

A Diversion

The Time Trap

The Cursed Crystals

Lost Host

Noble Deaths

What are Diablo 3 emotes?

diablo 3 emotes

Diablo 3 emotes are preset messages that you can hear your character. They mainly appear on the chat log. However, your character’s voice might be heard by others in your party who is close enough.

  • 0 – Help
  • 1 – Follow
  • 2 – Give
  • 3 – Thanks
  • 4 – Sorry
  • 5 – Bye
  • 6 – Die
  • 7 – Run
  • 8 – Wait
  • 9 – Go

Aside from 10 elementary emotes, you also find out more 7 ones if checking your Key Bind Options. To use them, you have to hold Ctrl and the key number.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Stay There
  • Attack
  • Retreat
  • Hold
  • Take Objective

What are Diablo 3 dyes?

Diablo 3 dyes 1

As its name suggests, Diablo 3 dyes are capable of changing the color of a single piece of equipment. When using them, you can save an only hero from venomous fangs or hellish fireas well as helping to make corpses look more distinct.

In a word

With basic information on how many Acts in Diablo 3 as well as short definitions of Diablo 3 emotes and Diablo 3 dyes, we believe you can understand this cool game partly. Try to memorize them so that you can avail when playing. And don’t forget to follow our upcoming posts on this site so that you can get more information about this cool game.