best single player pc games

Best Single Player PCGames


Instead of joining a multiplayer battle or logging into your favorite MMO, why don’t you sit down and experience a solo yet rewarding journey?
Yes, we are talking about single player games.
This kind is fun as always.
It’s because this trip is YOURS, and you are the ONLY player who can control it.
Of course, you don’t need to keep a certain pace or depend on any group during the game or follow any command. All you just do is to discover your own pace with deeper narrative elements.
Since you are here, we will show you the best single player PC games that are worth playing for sure.
Down here to know now!
10 best single player PC games you should not miss

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

best single player pc games

As an action-packed single player and open world video game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is playable through a third-person preview.
But what makes this game exciting is its unique story with great gameplay and revamped mechanics.
Its gameplay mainly concentrates on RPG and action elements. It allows the player to explore a massive world while finishing quests and leveling up the character and items.
As compared to the previous games, Wild Hunt provides fantastic quest designs, the best writing in the industry, excellent soundtracks, and an amazing world.

Stardew Valley

best single player pc games 2
As a farming simulation fan, Stardew Valley is what you need, guys.
Developed by Chucklefish Games, this game features lots of unique elements together with some new ones. Here, your primary objective is to expand your farm as well as support other farmers and town.
As compared to other simulation games, Stardew Valley is a bit different because it provides both farming and life simulation elements. Besides, it permits you to talk, interact, and do many things like your real life.


best single player pc games 3
Factorio will bring you to a fantastic 2D planet where you need to build as many as factories as possible.
Researching for technologies, mining resources, constructing infrastructures, and automating productions are interesting requests of this game. Additionally, wiping out the aliens and opening new areas are vital.
However, NOTE that,
The main mechanics depend on your capacity to gather resources and build factory parts. This help to establish more complex machines in the upcoming levels.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

best single player pc games 4
It can be said that Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is one of the most ambitious and beautiful JRPGs on PC from Suikoden and Studio Ghibli.
This game introduces an open world with amazing real-time third-person combats and an enjoyable kingdom building sim.
Here, you need to search for new citizens by visiting other kingdoms, gain better gear by discovering secret dungeons and mini-bosses, and then bring everything back home to develop your own kingdom.


best single player pc games 5
If you are a hardcore action and turn-based tactics video game fan, you should not miss XCOM 2.
In this game, your main task is to prevent a BIG invasion of aliens on the Earth. You need to direct a commander of the organizations and keep an eye on the Avenger, a portable base for XCOM.
Additionally, you have to give proper commands to the squad, protect research and engineering, make new weapons, technologies and gadgets, recruit new soldiers, defend the base, and wipe off the invaders.
With a vast range of different elements, a BIG narrative, and beautiful visuals, XCOM 2 is one of the best single player PC games that you should try.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

best single player pc games 6
The appearance of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn seems to be a dream for Final Fantasy lovers who don’t care the rigamarole.
This game occurs in Eorzea, a high fantasy world. And you play as one of the iconic classes such as a black mage. Your main request here is to set out and support the locals to defend themselves from invasions by the evil Garlean Empire.
Although it looks similar to a Final Fantasy story, this version reaches some surprises to make their fans pleased. Moreover, it ensures endless fights to work through.



best single player pc games 7
Subnautica is a single player first-person exploration, adventure and survival video game.
Here you will join a fantastic trip to discover an Aquatic planet. As the only survivor, your main task is to uncover this planet, deal with dangers, gather resources, build bases, tools, etc., interact with wildlife, and so on.
This game also provides an open world and concentrates on scuba diving as well as traveling in submarines.
Is there anything else?
Subnautica provides awesome themes and visuals together with amazing gameplay and cool improvements to the mechanics.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

best single player pc games 7
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will bring you to an open world environment. Here you are required to direct characters from the first-person view to discovering a huge map and finish quests with open selections.
As compared to other versions of Elder Scrolls series, the fifth one gives much more than just combat and exploration.
Interacting with other players and NPCs, fighting in towns, stealing items, and progressing are all awesome parts that you should not miss. It even provides a free skill-based system, universal lore, a massive variety of mods, and much more to uncover.

The Long Dark

best single player pc games 8
As an in-depth exploration and survival video game, The Long Dark is specially created for the single-player experience.
It’s more like a simulation that allows you to experience how you can survive on your own in the frozen wasteland. Since this game mainly concentrates on exploration, you will get an excellent and unique narrative while playing.
Although The Long Dark lacks thrilling elements like zombies or enemies, you always feel the dangers of Mother Nature.

Grand Theft Auto V

best single player pc games 9
Grand Theft Auto V brings not only an open world environment but also flexibility in both single and multiplayer. That means you can play it from a third-person or first-person view with ease.
This game introduces an awesome storyline that talks about three different characters. They will spend ambitious heist missions that occur in Los Angeles.
With improved graphics, unique gameplay, and promising actions, it’s a BIG pity if you miss at this time.
In the end
We’ve finished a list of 10 best single player PC games that you should not ignore for sure. There are different genres of the game so that you can select the one you want to play most.
Hopefully, you will enjoy all on your PC.
And don’t mind sending your feedbacks to improve our list in future.
Once again, thanks for reading, guys!