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The Best Two Player PS4 Games


Back in the early days of gaming, two-player games were all the rage – there’s no denying that they’re still pretty popular today. They give you and your friend the chance to spend the afternoon competing against each other. Otherwise, you can also choose the friendly route while playing with your brother or sister in a different campaign.

Looking for some two player games that can catch you and your friends’ interest during a stay at your place? We’ve listed down top 8 best two player PS4 games for you in case you need a detailed research. This list will include various game genres, for example, it features racing games, shooting games to combat games. You can look for relaxing and gentle ones, or dive into the cinematic and thrilling options that will give you great satisfaction. Whatever your final choice is, you and your buddy can definitely find something you both agree on in our list of the best two-player PS4 games.

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Little Big Planet 3

Time to have a kickback, as well as relax and have fun with the title called Little Big Planet 3. This is a side-scrolling, two-player adventure game that will give you the feeling of walking in a park. Being one of the best two player PS4 games on the list that carries a gentle, easy atmosphere, Little Big Planet 3 allows players to go at their own pace while traveling through aesthetic, toy-style scenery and join together to solve puzzles.

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Little Big Planet 3 can be considered as a cute, friendly and approachable game for both kids and adults. As you play this game, you’ll have the chance to explore a world made of cardboard, wool string, and other closet knickknacks that will wake up your long-forgotten world of childhood. Coming to Little Big Planet 3, you and other friends of yours will have the ability to individualize and customize your very own character by letting them put on several costumes, hats, pants, hair, and other accessories that fit your likings.

The main gameplay of Little Big Planet 3 includes bouncing around, swinging from strings, jumping from platform to platform, avoiding rolling pins, running away from a falling sky under your designed characters with your friends’ character, what makes this game one of the best two player PS4 games is that you can even design the levels you choose to play (or you can try thousands of levels previously created by other players). It can be said that this game is one of the most light-hearted games found on PS4.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Install Diablo III: Ultimate Evil on your PS4 and another player (offline or online) can join forces and battle against the forces of evil from the monstrous Diablo. The game is a dungeon crawler action adventure RPG game. The gameplay includes leveling up, collecting and equipping different items, armor, and weapons in the process of traveling on through a huge world that is seeking its balance.

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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil has different acts. Through these acts, players can choose up to six possible types of heroes. Some examples of these heroes are a Crusader, a Monk, and a Witch Doctor. Each character has their own unique play-styles and attributes that switch up the gameplay with focuses on intelligence powers, strength and dexterity. If you play with your friends in multiplayer mode, it will take you about around 73 hours of total gameplay. Note that each map of the game is randomized to keep you and your buddies from being bored.

Just like other RPG games of the same genre, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition can be viewed as one of the best two player PS4 games, with common features like epic looting and leveling up your character’s special abilities in order to defeat bigger bosses in the game. This latest title also has a new feature called the Nemesis System – a feature that allows a monster to level when it kills you, it’s possible that monster reaches a certain level and evolves to a nemesis, they then would open up a portal and start hunting one of your friends. So be careful and look out for each other!

Stars Wars Battlefront II

If you and your buddies are die-hard fans of the Stars Wars series – then Stars Wars BattleFront II is the right choice for you all! In this game, you will have the chance to fight Rebel scum while siding with your friends. The primary focus of Star Wars Battlefront II is the intense multiplayer competitive action and it prefers third-person and first-person-style shooter gameplay. Don’t worry if you have too many friends who are all fans out Stars Wars out there, because in this game, up to 40 simultaneous players can join forces together at once! With the split-screen feature, you and another player can take part in different game modes such as online or offline modes.

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Stars Wars Battlefront certainly will give you a diverse gaming experience through multiple modes. These modes range from close encounter combat (where you can play as famous Star Wars heroes and villain) to customizable modes as well as space battles in which players can pilot ships such as X-Wings and Tie-Fighters. Don’t care you’re a Stars Wars fan or not, you’re gonna have a great time with one of the best two player PS4 games like Stars Wars Battlefront II.

A Way Out

A Way Out is a game with a story about two prisoners set on working together to escape prison. This game was made with a lot of heart and will have you and your friends be deeply engaged in the plot. The perspective of the game is the third-person view and specifically designed for the split-screen cooperative multiplayer mode.

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A Way Out is that type of game in which your friends will play the role of distracting a guard, and you’ll have to search for a tool in order to escape a certain area. The key leading to survival in this game is cooperation and teamwork between you and your buddies. Some element such as stealth, timed sequences, or fighting… is a part of the gameplay. Sometimes, you even have to find your ways through tactful conversation, all of which will lead you to alternative endings. “Different endings” is what makes A Way Out stands out as one of the best two player PS4 Games.

Far Cry 5

When it comes to the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5 is definitely the most fun two player games on PS4. This is because you will be able to perform different actions such as teaching your dog to fetch, driving over enemies in a truck, watching two bears fight, and even rigging explosives to a boat – all of this can be done together with your friends in Far Cry 5, one of the best two player PS4 games. With the aid of your buddies, the entire gameplay will last about 6 to 10 hours, depends on your pace. With the perspective of first-person shooting, the game gives you and another friend a wild experience.

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So what can you can your friends do in Far Cry 5? Well, there’s no end to the game’s various actions – here are some: hijacking a WW2 fighter plane or helicopter and then jumping out whenever you want, shooting rockets at random places, or you can sick a dog on someone and then escape on ATVs while causing an explosion in the background. In Far Cry 5, you’re able to set a status where any friends can join in at any time without waiting for your invitation. Of course, with all these crazy features, the game’s setting is an open world. However, despite being an open world, there are still several missions that require you and your friend’s participating in order to complete them.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X, one of the best two player PS4 games where you and your friend can lower your fists and raise your controllers to duke it out virtually. If you’re looking for a fighting game on PS4 which has realistic graphics, intense gameplay, and brutal finishing moves, then Mortal Combat X is a perfect choice!

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Mortal Kombat X allows two players to fight each other using different attacks and special moves. Some of these special moves are ice-freezing projectiles, teleportation kicks, let’s not forget the “Fatalities” moves, which are executed-style finishing moves. You’ll be wrong to think this is a button masher game. In fact, Mortal Kombat X requires you to think in advance since every attack or moves you throw at your enemy can be telegraphed, countered, blocked and in a blink of eyes, there will be no room for you to regret (you are always forced to think and act immediately).

In Mortal Kombat X, you and your friends will also be given a large selection between 29 playable characters. The variety in characters selection made the game become one of the best two player PS4 games. Some of them are classic characters that we fans all knew of, such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero. There will also be newcomers, some of which are Jason Voorhees and The Predator.

Dying Light: The Following

Looking for one of the best two player PS4 games that features first-person perspective, survival horror element and played in an open world? Then Dying Light: The Following is a perfect choice! This game will give you and your gaming buddies the chance to work together and fend off a population of zombies.

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The open world of Dying Light: The Following has a vibe that is similar to the movie Mad Max, with the beautiful countryside scenery in the dynamic day and night cycle.  But be aware! Since your enemies can grow more aggressive and scarier as the sun goes down (they’re zombies after all). Since the gameplay of this game weapon-based with a mix of Parkour elements, so you will go through some actions such as climbing over fences, jumping rails and performing strategic combat attacks against some angry monsters. In order to go through all of the game’s quests, as well as discovering new areas and weapons, or interacting with characters to unveil mysterious plots, you and your friends will have to spend about 20 hours of gameplay. No wonder this game is considered as one of the best two player PS4 games ever existed.

TrackMania Turbo

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TrackMania Turbo is one of the best two-player PS4 game on the list that belongs to the racing games category. The game itself is loaded with over 200 one-of-a-kind tracks and numerous modes which allow you and your friend to participate in the fantastic double-driver campaign where you will be operating in the same car. Just like other two player games, the game also has a dual split-screen mode in which two players will race in tracks filled with tight bends, ramps and even loops. These levels will require high concentration from players. The intense races, as well as the beautiful racing tracks, are what make TrackMania Turbo one of the best two player PS4 games.