destiny 2 cross platform

Destiny 2 Cross Platform – Is It Possible?


destiny 2 cross platform

After only being available on the Xbox One and PS4, Destiny 2 is hitting PC. And that makes lots of players wonder “is Destiny 2 cross platform?”

As you know, cross platform (or cross-platform play or cross-play) is a feature that allows players to play together in multiplayer games, notwithstanding the platform. One of the first champions is Rocket League. Then the movement has come to other games such as Fortnite, Gears of War 4, and Paladins.

So, will Destiny 2 be cross-play? Does Bungie have a clear answer to this question?

Down here to know, guys!

When is Destiny 2 cross-play coming?

Indeed, there is no exact release date for Destiny 2 cross platform. Although Sony announced that it was in the planning process to support this change, it’s still early.

Currently, we’re at ground zero of a paradigm move in the industry that might take months or years to do. In case of Destiny 2 is not cross-play, we can hope a new appearance of Destiny 3 cross-play as a guarantee, for instance.

So, the best way is to wait.

However, it doesn’t mean you wait and do nothing. Let Bungie hear your voices as well as Sony and Microsoft.

Is Destiny 2 cross platform possible? Here is the answer

destiny 2 cross platform 2

As discussed above, Destiny 2 is not cross platform between the Xbox, PS4, and PC. This might come as a bit of a disappointment for Guardians; however, games that are cross-play are still the exception.

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During an interview with Finder, Mark Noseworthy, Destiny 2 project leader, answered “No plans” to the question of whether Bungie had any intentions for cross platform. And there was no additional explanation for this.

In another recent interview, Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor expressed their desire in making this happen and revealed that the studio frequently discussed it. But, there is nothing in the works now.

As a whole, performing the cross-platform play for Destiny 2 is an interesting topic because PlayStation is often seen as the lead console for the Destiny franchise. Besides, it has added the exclusive content with every new expansion.

Sony is also a vital factor in this topic. Unless Sony changes its mind, it might easily be assumed that whether cross platform is enabled or not.

Final words

At the moment, you know that Destiny 2 cross platform is not possible.

But, there is always hope to make it real. If you are interested in interacting with new players on different platforms, you can wait to hear the good news from Bungie. Or soon, you can welcome Destiny 3 cross-play, for example.

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