Destiny 2 Tower Secrets 2

Destiny 2 Tower Secrets and How to Discover Them?


While playing Destiny 2, you soon recognize Destiny 2 Tower Secrets are a lot and diverse. So, when you’re wandering around ledges, corridors and joining some main activities, it’s easy for you toharvest BIG rewards.

The Floor is Lava, Tower Ball or Tower Secret Rooms will be awesome activities that you shouldn’t miss at this point.

Since you’re here, we know you need our guide. So, don’t hesitate anymore! Follow us now!

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Destiny 2 Tower Secrets what you expect

The Floor is Lava

Destiny 2 Tower Secrets 1

Relied on the childhood game you are familiar with, the Floor is Lava mini-game requires you to reach a tower of light without touching the floor.

Let’s start playing!

You need to pass across a steep slope in the Tower and then make it all the way over to the other without touching the floor. Although it’s difficult as there is a lot floor, you can do it if checkingout some tips here, guys.

  • It’s okay to touch the walkway whenever the metal flooring stops on either side.
  • Benches, railings, and boxes are safe to stand on because they aren’t the floor. Make sure to take advantage of them to attain your aim, okay?
  • You are able to touch the floor a couple of times. However, this period only happens when you move between railings. So, select the route wisely and carefully.
  • In case you die, you can do again. And later, the end goal might change that can be helpful if you’re struggling on a tough route.

After completing, you will acquire the Quickness buff, offering extra speed and height to discover the Tower. But, remember that this might wear out after a short time or if you leave the Tower. So, use it as soon as possible.

Watch this video to know better

Tower Ball

Destiny 2 Tower Secrets 2

Do you know the Purple Ball in the original Destiny? If yes, are you ready to welcome its return in Destiny 2, guys?

Andthe main request of in the Tower Ball mini-game is to spawn a giant Tower-styled Ball.

You have to move each Ball from its spawn point to a requested destination within the Tower. When the Ball reaches this place successfully, fireworks appear, and then it will disappear and spawn the next color.

After completing with all four colors, the Tower Ball will spawn.

But before starting, you need to study about each different ball, including:

  • Purple Ball – You have to take it on this same level and on the far-right side, where a big circle is on the ground.
  • Green Ball – It’s behind the Eververse. Let’s down a small set of steps and then guide the ball towards the corners of the steps going down. This is the place that the Ball needs to go.
  • Black Ball – This ball needs to continue the uppermost walkway behind and left of you. The simplest way to perform is to use the slanted platform to the left and then go straight ahead to the very end.
  • Blue Ball – It’s straight ahead and in the center of the sidewalk going across and connecting to the two others. Just hit the Ball forward, along towards Vanguard Faction leader Zavalla and continue moving right onto the walkway and into the middle.

In case the Ball gets kicked off, you quickly back to the spawn point as the Ball will appear here shortly after.

Tower Secret Rooms

Destiny 2 Tower Secrets 3

Amongst Destiny 2 Tower Secrets, exploring secret rooms seems to be an interesting venture. With lots of additional side rooms and journals, you should uncover each in order to receive all the rewards.

However, make sure you visit a specific room that is out the way.

If heading to the Hangar, you need to go behind the Dead Orbit headquarters. Then take the stairs behind two levels up. Next, jump off the ledge to the right, onto pipes, and cross again into a ventilation area.

Continue going through to the end to visit a secret room with an audio log and start finding Ana Bray.

Is there anything else?

Since Destiny 2 Tower Secrets are many, you still find out more secret things aside from three favorite mini-games above. Let us know if you see anything cool in this game, and then we will discuss more!

We’re waiting to look at your responses, guys!