Who are Behind Destiny 2 Voice Actors?Here is The Answer


As a Destiny fan, you spend many hours in the game to discover secrets, grind for loot, and putter in the Tower for sure.

But,have you ever wondered “who are behind Destiny 2 voice actors?”

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So, we will introduce faces behind these voices, and we bet they might surprise you today.

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A full list of Destiny 2 voice actors

Cayde-6/Ghost – Forsaken DLC – Nolan North

destiny 2 voice actors

As stated further below (you will find out later), Nathan Fillion is the leading voice actor for Cayde-6. However, he had planned conflicts and was not available to lend his voice in this character any more.

Therefore, Noland North, who also voices the character of Ghost, took this responsibility. Indeed, he did a great job expressingthe famous Hunter Vanguard.

Petra Venj – Forsaken DLC – April Stewart

destiny 2 voice actors 1

From the original Destiny, Petra Venj continues making her return in Destiny 2 and assists the Guardians during the campaign in Forsaken. And the main voice actress is April Steward, who returns from the first one.



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Prince UldrenSov – Forsaken DLC – Brandon O’Neill

From the original Destiny, Petra Venj continues making her return in Destiny 2 and assists the Guardians during the campaign in Forsaken. And the main voice actress is April Steward, who returns from the first one. Prince UldrenSov – Forsaken DLC – Brandon O’Neill 2

Another return from the original Destiny is the character of Prince UldrenSov. He’s notoriously known in this version as the main bad guy and the person who snuffs out Cayde-6. He’s voiced by Brandon O’Neill, who also reprises his role from the first game.

Spider – Forsaken DLC – Robin Atkin Downes

destiny 2 voice actors 3

Spider is a new non-player character shown in the Forsaken expansion. Although he’s a Fallen, he’s available to help the player out on the adventure as a vendor.

This NPC is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, who is famous for the voice actor in other games such as Telltale’s Batman or Metal Gear Solid V.

Queen Mara Sov – Forsaken DLC – Kirsten Potter

destiny 2 voice actors 4

Queen Mara Sov is assumed dead in the first game. So, lots of gamers are wondering whether or not she will occur somewhere in Destiny 2: Forsaken to help the Guardians defeat her evil brother.

Kirsten Potter voices this character.

And if the queen is back, she’ll be voiced for sure.

The Drifter – Forsaken DLC – Todd Haberkorn

destiny 2 voice actors 5

When you are in a new Gambit game mode in Destiny 2, you will catch the Drifter, a vendor. According to a commenter, he/she discovered Todd Haberkorn voices the Drifter from a list of his vocal performances on Wiki.

Amanda Holliday – Courtenay Taylor

destiny 2 voice actors 6

In the voice acting world, Courtenay Taylor is popular with her appearance in lots of video games such as Mass Effect 2 (2010) and Fallout 4 (2015). She voices the character of Amanda Holliday, a human shipwright in the Tower’s hangar in Destiny 2.

Asher Mir – Darryl Kurylo

Asher Mir is described as a character with a bit of jackass. Although it’s not simple to voice this character, Darryl Kurylo does a great job of making some players hate Asher Mir.

Banshee-44 – John DiMaggio

Banshee-44 is a gunsmith in the Tower that mainly sells ammo syntheses, weapons, and weapon telemetries. This character is voiced by John DiMaggio.

ArachJalaal – Peter Stormare

Amongst Destiny 2 voice actors, Peter Stormare is a veteran of lots of great movies like Constantine, Fargo, Armageddon, and The Big Lebowski. Also, he has lent his voice to some video games such as The Elder Scrolls Online and the Mercenaries series.

In Destiny 2, he undertakes ArachJaal, a merchant who is representative for the faction called as Dead Orbit.

Cayde-6 – Nathan Fillion

destiny 2 voice actors 10

Although Nathan Fillion was unavailable to lend his voice in Destiny 2, he is still the best voice actor of Cayde-6 in the original Destiny.

Commander Zavala – Lance Reddick

As you know, Commander Zavala is the Titan Vanguard in the Tower that chiefly sells a variety of emblems and Titan armor. He’s voiced by Lance Reddick, who is famous in Fringe and numerous shows on TV.

Consul – Frank Langella

destiny 2 voice actors 12

Although Frank Langella voices the ugliest character in Destiny 2, he always appears in the silver screen, particularly the performances in the Americans.

Devrim Kay – Gideon Emery

destiny 2 voice actors 13

In Destiny 2, Devrim Kay is quite grumpy. Since he lost a large part of his past, he seems too unshakable to do anything about it. And Gideon Emery does an excellent job of voicing him.

Emperor Calus – Darin De Paul

destiny 2 voice actors 14

This character is a bit of fool. He prefers to invite the players to all his trials of death and tries to consume Mercury. He’s voiced by Darin De Paul, who is a popular actor on Broadway as well as avoice actor for lots of movies, commercials, etc.

Executor Hideo – James Remar

destiny 2 voice actors 15

James Remar voices Executor Hideo, who is responsible for caring of the New Monarchy faction for the Faction Rallies.

Failsafe – Joy Osmanski

destiny 2 voice actors 16

It can be said that what Joy Osmanski voiced Failsafe in Destiny was phenomenal. She excellently expressed the voice of a Golden Age Computer Core encountered by Guardians forces on Nessus’ planet.

Ghaul – Neil Kaplan

destiny 2 voice actors 17

Neil Kaplan has voiced lots of popular video games such as The Last of Us, Marvel Heroes, BioShock Infinite, etc. And with the character of Ghaul, he did a great job of portraying the main antagonist in Destiny 2.

Hawthorne – Sumalee Montano

destiny 2 voice actors 18

Hawthorne is voiced by Sumalee Montano, who is a voice-actor artist and an actress. She has also lent her voice to some video games such as Mass Effect 3 and Fallout 4.

Ikora Rey – Gina Torres

destiny 2 voice actors 19

Portraying the attitude of Ikora Rey is Gina Torres, a great actress in the Suits and Firefly series. She is also a gifted mezzo-soprano.

Lakshmi-2 – ShohrehAghdashloo

destiny 2 voice actors 20

As a fan of the TV show The Expanse, you will recognize the unique voice of ShohrehAghdashloo when catching Lakshmi-2 in Destiny 2. In case you haven’t seen The Expanse, it’s best to try watching it now.

Lord Saladin – Keith Ferguson

destiny 2 voice actors 21

As Iron Banner is active, you can find Lord Saladin in The Tower. His task is to offer you with Iron Engrams in exchange for Iron Banner Tokens. And he’s voiced by Keith Ferguson.

Lord Shaxx – Lennie James

destiny 2 voice actors 22

Lord Saladin hosts Lord Shaxx in Destiny 2. Although some players reckon that this character is a bit stupid, Lennie James, who voiced him, did an excellent job.

Master Rahool – Erick Avari

destiny 2 voice actors 24

Master Rahool is an Awoken Cryptarch of the Tower who sells and decodes engrams as well as exchanging enemy artifacts for Glimmer. And he’s voiced by Erick Avari.

Osiris – Oded Fehr

Osiris – Oded Fehr 26

The character of Osiris is voiced by a veteran of the silver screen, Oded Fehr. And some players reckon that he looks pretty much Osiris in Destiny 2.

Sagira – Morena Baccarin

destiny 2 voice actors 25

Similar to Osiris, Sagira is an upcoming new character in this version. She’s voiced by Morena Baccarin, who is also popular withFirefly fans.

The Speaker – Bill Nighy

destiny 2 voice actors 27

Out of the Destiny 2 voice actors, The Speaker doesn’t have much to say. However, Bill Nighywho voiced him is indeed a veteran of favorite classics such as Love Actually, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Sloane – Cissy Jones

destiny 2 voice actors 27

Cissy Jones, who voices to Sloane, is famous for her experiences in voicing characters in video games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Grand Theft Auto V.

Tess Everis – Claudia Black

destiny 2 voice actors 28

The voice behind the microtransactions vendor, Tess Everis, is Claudia Black. During her career, she has played lots of Australian and New Zealand’s films.

Tyra Karn – Page Leong

destiny 2 voice actors 29

To find Tyra Karn in Destiny 2, you need to complete a particular quest. She is voiced by Page Leong, who does her best role of portraying the character.

Xur – Fred Tatasciore

destiny 2 voice actors 30

The last voice actor in Destiny 2 is Fred Tatasciore who portrays the character of Xur, a weekly Exotic item merchant.

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