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Fallout 4 Covenant


fallout 4 covenantAmong detective-style quests in Fallout 4, Human Error is known as one of the most complicated ones.

And to start this quest,

The first and foremost thing is to visit the Covenant.

What do you know anything about Fallout 4 Covenant? How to complete this quest perfectly?

Follow us to know now!

Fallout 4 Covenant – Everything you need to know

Covenant is a town Location placed in the north-central area of the Fallout 4 map, to the South of Wildwood Cemetery and North of the Tucker Memorial Bridge.


At first sight,

Covenant is small yet well-defended that is made up for four houses and protected by high walls and automated defense turrets surrounding. Its residents are also armed and combat-able if irritated.

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To enter here, you need to get through the front door, which remains locked until you pass a test from a man guarding the front door.

Anyone who wants to visit Covenant has to join a psychological test, called the SAFE test. It’s intended to judge a visitor’s mental state. By answering all the questions, you will be allowed to access the Covenant’s central area.


There are four buildings, a small farming plot (near the front door), and a workshop.

fallout 4 covenant 2

The building on the right uses as a trading post and clinic, where you can barter for goods and get healed from the doctor. Meanwhile, the building on the left is advanced lock from the sides and front, and off-limits.

The second building on the left is known as a guest house with three available beds, a public terminal, and some unowned items.

The last building at the end is locked and includes an office littered with handcuffs and a patio-turned-jail. It also involves a Master locked office terminal, an oddly broken radio, an office key in the desk, and a report on the SAFE test.

The secret of Covenant

Do you know that Covenant is home to a dark secret that attaches into the quest of Human Error?

In fact,

The whole town is designed to attract passersby and test them in order to determine possible synthetic origins. Simply speaking, this town wants to create enough data to grow a reliable way of identifying and testing Synths.

Covenant’s synth research consists of the kidnapping of harmless victims and their location in a secret testing facility where they are endured brutal tortures. The test facility is placed directly across the river from the front entrance of Covenant. And it can be only accessed through linking sewer pipes.

Depending on how you deal with the quest that happens in Covenant’s secret facility, you are able to either side with Covenant’s people and their schemes or eliminate them out the hard way.

Different stages of the Human Error quest

After discovering what Fallout 4 Covenant is, it’s time to learn how to start Human Error.

To enter the Covenant, you need to speak with Swanson in the entrance. In case you don’t know how to answer, keep choosing alternatively the “up” and “down” dialogue options. The first choice you must opt for is “up.”

When you’re inside the town, let’s meet Honest Dan near the tree and ask him to find a caravan. If you own Charisma, try to persuade him to pay you 50 bottlecaps in advance.

Search Covenant for clues

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Finding the password to open Jacob’s computer is the critical information in this quest.

The password is written on a note in the closed house near the gate. In case you cannot open the door, it’s best to steal the key from any citizen by pickpocketing. When you get the proof from the computer, you can take a bribe from Jacob and 100 bottlecaps.

Or you can try another way if you have about 5 Charisma points. Find and talk to Penny Fitzgerald to get some information. Remember to ask her about the lost caravan and then tittle-tattle about Dan. This allows you to acquire the evidence and move to the next point instantly.

After that, move to the lake on the west!

Among the pipes, there is a door to the sewers. Come inside, and you will see a massive number of weak enemies and some turrets.

The doctor Roslyn Chambers will give a key to open the closed doors and lead you to a large room. At this point, try to look left and get the fusion core.

fallout 4 covenant 4

Make a decision


You have to face up to a key choice in this quest. The resulting discussion with the doctor will give some decisions.

  • Kill Amelia– If you choose to kill Dan by agreeing Roslyn’s offer, Amelia will be killed after the battle. Then you will get 300 bottlecaps and keep the access to the village.
  • Free Amelia (with Dan) – Avail the terminal under the stairs to spare the girl. Then speak with Dan to get the reward and end the quest. By default, you will gain 300 bottlecaps, but if you use Charisma, the reward will increase. Additionally, you cannot return to the town and will become the enemy of all the citizens.
  • Free Amelia (without Dan) –If you kill Dan and spare the girl, you can gather the reward as 300 bottlecaps. Then you have to find her father in Bunker Hill. Of course, you cannot come back to the town and will become the enemy of the citizens here.

Final verdict

Everything you want to know about Fallout 4 Covenant is mentioned above. And just follow our guide and then you can complete the quest of Human Error successfully.

In case you still get any issue while playing, don’t mind asking us since we will explain right now.

Once again, thanks for reading, guys!