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How to Unlock Nightfall Destiny 2?


how to unlock nightfall destiny 2

As a loyal fan of Destiny, particularly Destiny 2, you know some options to reach the end of the game for sure.

Have you ever heard about Nightfall? How to unlock Nightfall Destiny 2? Is it a good way to follow? Etc.

Indeed, Nightfall (aka Nightfall Strikes) are weekly strikes that feature appropriate modifiers to up the challenge for you.And when you finish it, you can come home with some great rewards.

As compared to the traditional strikes, Nightfall Strikes don’t permit matchmaking. Hence, you need to either create a 3-person Fireteam or do it solo.

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Destiny 2 Nightfall Guide

To activate a Nightfall, you need to open the Director and then pick up the Strike hub in the top left-hand part of the screen. From there, the option on the left side will take on a standard Strike and then show the Nightfall on the right side.

It seems the Nightfall is far more challenging than the standard Strikes. And Bungie also reveals that your character loadouts for every Nightfall will be locked. That means you cannot decide to turn your equipped weapons midway through the mission.

Nightfall reset times

A new Nightfall will be available on Tuesday every week.

Although you onlyreceive one Nightfall per week, you can undertake it many times. Below are some of the global times that the Nightfall will change. Take a look, guys!

  • 2 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  • 5 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
  • 10 am BST (British Summer Time)
  • 11 am CEST (Central European Summer Time)

In the first week of Destiny 2, the Arms Dealer Strike, aka the Nightfall, with extra mods means that you had to eliminate enemies to gain more time and then finish the Strike.

how to unlock nightfall destiny 2-1

How to unlock Nightfall Destiny 2?

Let’s back to the question “how to unlock Nightfall Destiny 2,” guys!

To do this, the first and foremost thing is to fulfill all of the campaigns in Destiny 2. Whenever completing the primary campaign, you need to begin in order to increase your Power Level significantly.

But before doing that, you MUST accomplish enough the two Strikes as part of Zavala’s milestone quest. Then your Milestone quest is to unlock Nightfall.

Although the requirements don’t mention anything about acquiring level 20, that’s likely a given as you need to lift the Power Level quite high. Note that the Power Level have to gain 230 to unlock the Nightfall. Whenever reaching 230, please head to the Courtyard and The Traveler and speak to Zavala to unlock.

The Nightfall will symbolize a subtle alteration of pace from the remaining part of the game’s content. Since they rotate weekly and mention a host of modifiers, they are capable of doing an excellent job of keeping on your toes.

For instance, the first Arms Deal Nightfall emphasizes the Prism modifier, which turns between Arc, Solar, and Void elemental burns.

Each will last about 1 minute, and then all player abilities and weapon will have enhanced damage if they match the current element. Meanwhile, other modifiers can include time limits, i.e. Catapult, which develops your grenade recharging time and more.

how to unlock nightfall destiny 2-2

Wrapping up

That’s how to unlock Nightfall Destiny 2, guys.

Now, feel confident to perform it? Or if you need more guides or support, don’t mind contacting us instantly. We’re willing to help you at all times.

Once again, thanks for reading.