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On the Comms Destiny 2


On the Comms Destiny 2 is described as an interesting item in the inventory when fighting back the assault of Cabal. It lands in the weapon slot. And in case you accept the quest, you will run through the game’s first attack, Leviathan, to unlock the exotic shotgun.

But, a BIG question here is HOW?

Don’t worry since we’re here to help you. Follow us to know now!

How to complete the quest of On the Comms Destiny 2?

on the comms destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the On the Comms is a random drop, and it doesn’t seem to be linked to any particular quest or mission.

It can be acquired after you’ve reached level 20 and completed the story campaign. As getting the item, it will gain a slot in your Power Weapons instantly. And if you start examining it further, you will be required to kill the Red Legion Cabal on Nessus to gain their comm devices.

Onceaccepting the On the Comms quest, you need to head over to Nessus and travel to the Cistern region to confront a massive number of Cabal. Beat them until you’ve achieved the purpose for the On the Comms items and then get a new notification.

At this point, an item, called Await the World-Eater, will appear in the Inventory. And you MUST finish the Leviathan Raid to advance the World-Eater.


Destiny 2 Tower Secrets

How to complete the Leviathan Raid?

This main request belongs to the Destroyer of Worlds item. So, try to check out here to know how to do.

After that, the Destroyer of Worlds item will transform another item, called the Imperial Invitation. Then continue heading to the Tower close to where Hawthorne and Ikora are. Later, head downstairs and talk with Benedict 99-40.

destiny 2 on the comms

Benedict 99-40 will give you a modified version of the Arms Dealer Strike. It’s a 300-Power level strike and includes the Time Wrap modifier (the map has hidden floating squares of light that will add 30 seconds to your timer) and Prism modifier (where elements turn, and weapons with these elements are dominant).

Once you finish that strike, you are given an exotic shotgun (as mentioned above). This weapon helps to deal with sharp damages that might hit more than one enemy separately.

Ways to improve the exotic shotgun

One more significant thing in the quest of On the Comms Destiny 2 is to beef up the exotic shotgun.

Let’s welcome another quest item, called Back to the Bazaar! Here you need to talk to Benedict 99-40 again after turning back to the Tower. Then he gives a quest called Cabal Killer to complete.

So, you MUST:

  • Eliminate 10 Cabal without reloading
  • Eliminate 15 Cabal at close range
  • Eliminate 25 Cabal anyway you want

After completing the request, continue turning back to Benedict 99-40 and get one more quest, His Highness’ Seal. This mission asks you to get back into the raid to “kill bosses and finish the raid” in order to take Emperor Seals.

Once accomplishing, the exotic shotgun will receive a further bullet in its magazine as well as getting a host of fantastic upgrades.

on the comms destiny 2-1

Final verdict

Hopefully, this guide helped you know how to gain the exotic shotgun via completing the quest of On the Comms Destiny 2. Note that you MUST accomplish it or you get nothing. And don’t miss performing other quests to upgrade the shotgun.

Good luck to you!