Tyra Karn location and Relics of the Golden AgeItem in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is an excellent online multiplayer first-person shooter game that was created by Bungie in 2017. With amazingly addictive gameplay and so beautiful and realism graphics, this game rapidly became a popular game in the world. When playing Destiny 2, surely you’ll need to seek out Tyra Karn for a special quest. However, you know nothing about Destiny 2 Tyra Karn and its location, don’t you? If your answer is yes, this article is the right place for you. In this article, we will mention all about Destiny 2 Tyra Karn, her location, and a very popular quest that requires the help of Tyra Karn – Relics of the Golden Age. Follow us to learn more!

1. About Destiny 2 Tyra Karn

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Tyra Karn is a female NPC and Vendor in Destiny 2. She is also considered as one of the few Cryptarchs within the game. Tyra Karn belongs to the race of Awoken and she is a historian and Cryptarch. She is able to decode engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity. The players in Destiny 2 need to approach Tyra Karn to decrypt any engrams. Their main purpose is to receive whatever might have been hidden within them. It can be a piece of weaponry or armor, or anything else. Moreover, Tyra Karn is also interested in found artifacts of the players. She will be very happy to exchange some glimmer for these artifacts if their owner accepts. For these reasons, Tyra Karn is really an extremely important character in Destiny 2.

Where is Tyra Karnin Destiny 2

The most common thing that millions of Destiny 2’s players around the world interested in is Tyra Karn location. As mentioned above, in Destiny 2, surely you will have to seek out Tyra Karn location to complete a specific quest. This quest may be at the end of the story. So, where is Tyra Karn in Destiny 2 and how to get to her location?

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In fact, Tyra Karn is actually located at The Farm and she is forced to stay there. Because while Master Rahool is situated within The Tower, Tyra Karn is his counterpart. However, when you finish the game, you will realize that The Farm has moved from the Destinations screen in this game. In order to find Tyra Karn, all you need to do is open up Destinations, select Earth, and then look at the right corner of the map. The Farm is tucked away here. When upon landing on the Farm and head almost directly north, you will find Destiny 2 Tyra Karn location.

In addition, in case you need to see the cryptographer for other reasons and haven’t still finished the game, you still follow the same directions as above to find Tyra Karn. Now, you will realize she is very easy to find, right?

Talk to Tyra Karn to complete your quest!

In Destiny 2, talk to Tyra Karn is also a common issue of many players. In fact, the main problem of this quest still is to determine Destiny 2 Tyra Karn location. If you want to talk to Tyra Karn and ask her to decrypt any engrams, first of all, you need to know where is Tyra Karn. Let’s go to find her at The Farm and your quest will be completed.



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2. Destiny 2 Tyra Karn and Relics of the Golden Ageitem

In fact, after beating the game for the first time, Master Rahool will give you a quest to go and speak with Tyra Karn. After finding her and speak with her for this quest, you will receive an item called as the Relics of the Golden Age. This item will give you two objectives to complete including defeating multiple Fallen with Drang without reloading and defeating powerful Fallen with Drang. It can say that Relics of the Golden Age is a Weapon Quest associated with destiny 2 Sturm that quite difficult in the game. It is tracked using an item that takes up a Kinetic Weapon slot and can’t be transferred out of the character’s inventory.

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In Relics of the Golden Age quest, players also have to find and talk to Tyra Karn to complete the game’s requirement. So, these information and steps guide below will help you pass this quest easier. Note that the quest step objectives in Destiny 2 may be different from the ones listed here.

Steps of Relics of the Golden Age

Firstly, the prerequisites to come to Relics of the Golden Age in destiny 2 is that you have to complete the Exodus Black World Quest through My Captain. The purpose is to receive Destiny 2 Drang and the first quest step of Relics of the Golden Age – Talk to the Cryptarch.

  • Step 1: Talk to the Cryptarch.

In this Weapon Quest, the weapon is a relic from the Golden Age, so perhaps there are more than it seems. And CryptarchRahool may have the answer, so let’s speak to him.

  • Step 2: Talk to the Cryptarch

In this step, you need to gather all the engrams and return to the Cryptarch to ask him to decrypt them and learn from the past. In detail, you will have to complete three certain objectives. Firstly, decrypt 5 legendary engrams; Secondly. decrypt 1 exotic engram; and finally, defeat 10 fallen on Nessus with Destiny 2 Drang.

  • Step 3: Talk to the Cryptarch

After gathering enough what CryptarchRahool has requested, you need to speak to him at the Tower.

  • Step 4: Talk to Tyra Karn

In this step, you need to talk to Tyra Karn to ask her for helping. First, let’s follow the guide of Destiny 2 Tyra Karn location above to find her. After that, bring the results of Cryptarch’s research to Tyra Karn and speak to her to get more information.

  • Step 5: Relics of the Golden Age

In this step, let’s return to Nessus and collect the combat data with Drang for Tyra Karn. In detail, you have to complete 2 certain objectives including defeat 2+ fallen using Drang without reloading 10 times. In addition, you also have to defeat 10 powerful Fallen still using Drang.

  • Step 6: Talk to Tyra Karn

After collecting all the combat data from Nessus, let’s return to the Farm, find Tyra Karn and speak to her.

  • Step 7: Relics of the Golden Age

In this step, your mission is to destroy Servitor Kendriks-7 using fireteam (Fireteam is a small squad composed of 2 to 6 players. People team up into a fireteam to make combating enemies and completing the mission easier.). In detail, you will have to head to Prodromus Down on Nessus and participate in the “Quest: Exodus Crash” strike.

  • Step 8: Talk to Tyra Karn

Now, you need to bring the Artifact to Tyra Karn and talk to her. As mentioned above, Tyra Karn is interested in Artifact, so she can exchange some glimmers for you. Your reward in this quest is the Golden Age Engram showing the wealth of that Age.

After completing all the steps, your final reward is the Stum obtained upon auto-decryption of Golden Age Engram.

Notes: Drang is a Legendary Sidearm that is able to be paired with Sturm for the Together Forever Buff. You can get this weapon if complete all Story Mission, reach level 20, or complete all of Failsafe’s quests in Nessus. In addition, you also can obtain Destiny 2 Drang by purchasing from Tyra Karn at the Farm.

Relics of the Golden Ageitem - destiny 2 drang


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Completion Rewards of Relics of the Golden Age

After complete Relics of the Golden Age in destiny 2 and decrypt the Golden Age Engram, you will receive a special reward. This reward is Sturm – an Exotic Hand Cannon. It is able to be paired with Drang for the Storm and Stress buff. For this reason, the phrases Destiny 2 Sturm and Destiny 2 Drang are so common with the players. In fact, when being paired, they synergize and work together nicely.

Conclusion: In general, all issues revolve around Destiny 2 Tyra Karn that most of the players interested in are where is Tyra Karn and how to talk to her. In fact, it isn’t difficult to find Tyra Karn because she is forced to stay in The Farm. She always there and you can return to talk to her whenever you want. With the detailed guide about Tyra Karn location and an also so detail example of the Weapon Quest – destiny 2 relics of the golden age, hope that they can help you enjoy Destiny 2 more. If you need something else, let’s leave us a comment down below. Surely we will do our best to help you answer your question. Thank you for reading!